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Why Men Are Attracted to Women’s Butts

When it comes to the opposite sex, we can find a range of things we like about the female form. However, nothing can set aside the fact that many of us prefer a woman’s butt when compared to other assets. Evidently, there will be men who sway away such generalizations, but fear not, you’re not some kind of pervert or misogynist for thinking this way, as it’s all attributed to science.

The Scientific Reason

Preferences to a curvy backside is actually something of a prehistoric influence, where the late man’s preference for females would be those would be those how bare a ‘theoretically optimal angle of lumbar curvature.’ In layman’s terms, this means that prehistoric men would prefer a woman who had a 45.5-degree curve from back to the buttocks, which was believed to support a number of pregnancies.

Is This Always the Case?

The findings were found as part of an online study entitled ‘Evolution and Human Behavior’ carried out by the University of Texas, so there is scientific fact behind the claims. Of course, there will be men who just like the look of a girl’s behind. However, for the most part, many do prefer women with the 45.5-degree curve.

The research was led Bilkent University psychologist David Lewis and consisted of two separate studies. The first study introduced 100 males to several manipulated images that displayed curves ranging across the natural spectrum. Most men preferred images that conveyed the 45.5-degree curve.

A second study was then carried out to establish as to whether men prefer the curve due to the fact introduced to a series of images that detailed women with differing buttock size and vertebral wedging. Again, the numbers showed that men preferred the curve of the spine as opposed to the mass of the buttocks. Of course, men did choose other images they preferred, but the general consensus was that most men do prefer the curvature of the spine as opposed to the mass of the behind.

What Does This Mean?

Men who believe they are an ‘ass man’ may actually be tuning into the curvature of the spine as opposed to the buttock mass, regardless of whether they know this or not. This is because it is an ancestral trait that is passed down throughout generations, so is not going to be going anywhere soon. Of course, there are others who would cite different reasons as to why men prefer buttock mass over anything else. Ava Cadell, a doctor of human sexuality and author of Neuro Loveology points towards women putting more emphasis on their butts as a way of showcasing what they have to offer, much in the vain of Jennifer Lopez and Kim Kardashian. There’s also a belief that a big behind shows that a woman is healthy and full of vitality. While people can prefer big butts for a number of different reasons, their main pull does seem to be of a scientific nature.

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